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Is it suitable for your family?

Parents: Do You Know What Your Kids Are Watching? 

We know it can be hard deciding what is good for your children to watch.

Finding kid friendly and age appropriate  entertainment can be a challenge these days!

The Real to Reel family would like to make it easier for you to know what you and your family might be seeing on the screen before you purchase your tickets.

Each of the films listed on our show times page will always include the film's rating along with an industry description of why the film is rated the way that it is.

We also include a brief synopsis to better help you decide if the movie choice is right for your family. 

For more information, please visit the Motion Picture Association of America's official rating guide website:

G - General Audiences

Great for kids and families

PG - Family and teen appropriate

Mild themes and rude humor

PG-13 - Not suitable for children under 13 due to stronger themes

R - Adult movie with adult themes  Must be 17 with photo ID or accompanied by a parent. We suggest you leave the kids at home. 

NC-17 - Adult movie with serious adult content. No one under 18 allowed.

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